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Benefits for Schools

Forget about how we used to advertise in the past. Think now. What services can you provide to your students to help them so they stay with you or come to you?
There are already quite a few schools out there, which use video material for their marketing. Don't take my word for it. Asked them if it works. We live in a world of digital socializing. Use these tools to your advantage. 

Your Fear

I have talked to many dancing schools. And some of them have the fear of losing students because they think that with an app like this people will learn from videos and don't come to class anymore. I used to run a dancing school myself and can understand that.

  • There are not many moves that you will be teaching your students that they can't already be found on Youtube. So why do they still come to your class?
  • It is well known that students come to your class because of the social interaction. They want to make new friends and be part of a group experience. It's so much more fun than watching a youtube clip on your own.
  • Most of the time students pick their school because of the teacher -> It's where people see you and go wow, that's how I want to dance. This could be out dancing or from a Youtube video clip. Just remember how you advertise your workshops with international teachers. You post some youtube clips of them. Do the students still turn up at the workshop? Yes they do ... because of the clip
  • And students stay with their favorite teacher, because they feel important and supported
Use case: This is how dancing schools already use it today
  • Students don't need to film at the end of the class or workshop anymore. The school provides the students with the recap material in a newsletter
  • The schools put their videos on Youtube (unlisted) and or Facebook
  • The schools compile a WhatStep video list. This includes recaps of their classes and workshops, promo videos of their school, inspiring clips and other recommended videos. This gives your students a great jump start into their Dancing Lives.
  • Make sure you tag your videos with your own school's name to brand the video list. Great marketing power! Your students will always get reminded where they got the videos from.
  • In the weekly newsletter, your new videos links get included and also the WhatStep video playlist. That way the students have a choice what to use.
  • No big change for you, but big help for your students!
  • It works.
  • If you still worried about putting your own videos out there you can still use WhatStep to provide your students with your recommended video clips. Just point out what video clips inspire you to dance or include some of the history clips so your students learn where the dance is coming from. The app also comes preloaded with some basic recommendations.
WhatStep is available on iOS and Android. The app is free to download. The app stays always free, if you use less than 20 videos in app. During the first month you can import as many videos as you like. After that you have to do an in-app purchase if you want to extend your list to more than 20 videos.