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WhatNote - The Ultimate Music Lessons Assistant

Why not just using YouTube?
This is probably the most asked question. WhatStep has a powerful player built in which allows you to slow down youtube video clips or your own recorded videos and you can select only the part of the video that is of interest for you. 
You want to personalize your videos: Add your own notes, rating, level and even say which part of the movie is relevant to you. Last but not least you want to organize your videos so you can find them quickly. You do that with Tags that you can create and a context search. 
You only want to carry around the videos you care about. 
Summary: Condensed, recommended videos for your needs. Easy to find what matters to you.

My app is free for getting started
You can try out my app with all its features for one month. After that you will have some restrictions to the app like the maximum playlist will be limited to 20 entries. Don't worry, the videos already in your list will stay. You just can't add any new ones. For less than the price of a dance lesson you can unlock the full potential of the app again and help me developing the app to even a better dance assistant.

Why do I charge for my full app? 
I believe that my app will make your life easier and is worth the price. Think about the benefit you get compared with what you pay for one private lesson. 
I put a lot of time into this app and will continue to do so. This is what I do for a living with a passion.
With your help, I am going to produce the best music lessons assistant on this planet.