Record, slow down and organize your music lessons. From Youtube or Camera.

WhatNote the Music Lessons Assistant on your mobile device
WhatNote will assist you when you are learning your music instrument. Imagine: You go to your music teacher and at the end of the lesson you record a summary what you did during your lesson. At home you can play it back, even in slow motion or frame by frame. Nothing is too fast for you anymore. Of course you can also use your clips from Youtube and play those in slow motion too. 

My Promise: I put my heart and soul in this app to make it the best dance assistant app on this planet.

We would like to encourage you to share your list with others. Your music learning playlist might benefit someone else too. Sharing is caring.

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  • Play Youtube videos frame by frame slow motion (step by step video analyzing)
  • Slow down video clips to 80, 60, 50, 40, 20 and 10%
  • Record your own videos within the app (after class record the material you just learned)
  • Limit your video resolution for slower connections
  • TimeZoom: pick parts of the video to play
  • Pre-load video library from genres
  • Import videos from your phone into your WhatNote library
  • Have all your relevant learning videos in your pocket. Good starting point for beginners with pre-loaded library
  • No ads on your videos, no more waiting to play your clips
  • Create your own meaningful tags, ratings and comments for each video clip
  • Share your lists with your friends and help them gain their repertoire
  • Mark the start and the end of a section of a youtube clip that is relevant to you

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